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"Future Shock Wave"

A Stock and Commodity Trading Method Combining Elliott Wave-Fibonacci-W.D.Gann-Holy Bible-Moon Earth Sun Ratios with the natural wave of Man into a complete

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Pinpoints Tops and Bottoms With Amazing 80% accuracy while using Razor Thin Stop Losses making three percent a trade profit objective using THE HOLY TRINITY or unlimited profits using "The Harmonic Third Cycle" system stop based on a secret natural value.

Dear friend and fellow trader.

I am an independent Stock and Commodity trader. Regulations require me to tell you I am not a registered broker nor an investment advisor. If this website violates regulations concerning me this offer will be void and is free with conditions. I have a high math intuition. After 35 years of study I have discovered the secrets of Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, W.D Gann. Each one alone has contributed immensely to an understanding of price behavior, but if you trade by using only one of these methods, it's like viewing only one piece of the puzzle instead of seeing the whole picture. If you will read on you will understand the whole puzzle I've developed and named FUTURE SHOCK WAVE and how you can obtain this method RISK FREE  to make HUGE PROFITS. You too can with a little Discipline become a successful trader of the markets. Today is Wednesday evening and feel free to call or text me at 512-650-9940 to talk about my methods. I am getting older and I do not want my discoveries to be in vain.

Bonus: Free Secret Las Vegas Black Jack System also based on same secret ratios with an e-mail response.

The Truth About Elliott Waves

R.N. Elliott, the originator of Elliott Wave, theorized that price moves in waves, and in order of five waves up and three waves down. The problem is price is not that predetermined and may only make three waves up before making three waves down; or it may make seven, nine, or eleven waves up fulfilling the connection to the moon 7-14-21-28 earth 9-18-27-36 sun 11.1-22.2-33.3 ratios and then make three or five waves down. Elliott also fails to predict what the size of the wave will be. The real contribution of R.N. Elliott is that he gave structure to price behavior which is incorporated into FUTURE SHOCK WAVE. The definition of a wave is when price makes a lower high bar at least once and then penetrates the high bar level a new wave is started up. When you join FUTURE SHOCK WAVE you learn how to determine the shock point which sets the rhythm of the following waves. A price bar count predicts swing highs and lows using SECRET RATIOS combined with a Natural Wave of Man and Jesus Christ.

The Truth About Fibonacci

The Fibonacci series is found in nature. Tree limbs and flower pedals follow this number series increasing in numerical order with the series. If you are in doubt, go out and count the limbs of a tree starting with one as the base. It will start with one, then two, then three, then adds the previous two numbers to get five, then eight, then thirteen, then twenty one. After a while each number is divisable by .618 less than the next number, and multipliable by 1.618 greater than the previous number. FUTURE SHOCK WAVE secret ratios are derived from both the Fibonacci series .618-1.00-1.618 2.00-2.618-3.00-3.618 and the natural moon ratio 7-14-21-28 measuring the size and time of waves by projecting into the future. In a special report "Fibonacci Discussion," the secret ratios are shown to predict planetary distance from the Sun. Arcs are also used along a shockwave with secret ratios to confirm swing tops and bottoms.

W.D. Gann

W.D. Gann, a famous trader who made millions in the markets in the first half of the century, died without fully disclosing his trading methods, a shame. W.D. Gann can be compared to the sixteenth century prophet Nostradamus. Each one used astrology to predict the future, and both took to their grave their knowledge forever. W.D Gann did disclose a fundamental rule of price and time.  Another Gann discovery is tops and bottoms coinciding with natural events. The solar eclipse August 21st across north america would indicate a top in the stock market although not definite. Also the California earthquake July 4, 1919 would indicate a top. Gann also predicts tops and bottoms can be squared to predict tops and bottoms. The 1987 bottom of the crash is 1616 which can be squared to get 26,100 signifying a top. Highs and lows also make a Fibonacci value. The Dow high in 2018 was 26,616 and low in 1987 was 1616, close to 1.618. Price also moves in sectional divisions of a circle from bottoms to tops. Ninty years added to 1929 Dow top is 2019 indicating either a top or a bottom. Gann's square of nine (which is also The Holy Trinity squared) is also helpful multiplying tops and bottoms by 9 and .9 and .09 and confirming tops and bottoms with 9 waves which is the earth ratio used in FUTURE SHOCK WAVE.  The 1987 top at 2735 multiplied by 9 is 24,600 indicating a top. And let's not forget the important 45 degree life and death angle connected to tops and bottoms. As you can see Gann is interesting in theory but not mechanical to trade, unlike FUTURE SHOCK WAVE which is 100% mechanical. I cannot go further, but FUTURE SHOCK WAVE is grateful for Gann's discoveries. Perhaps he gives his blessing, but I doubt it.


The HOLY BIBLE is full of numerology. The HOLY BIBLE's numerology as found in a specific book is coordinated into FUTURE SHOCK WAVE where the Fibonacci leaves off. It has been proven time and time again FUTURE SHOCK WAVE secret ratios work because they are derived from a HIGHER natural order which was created by a HIGHER POWER. The natural three heartbeat wave of Christ when reverses saves the following....7-moon God wave and 9-earth God wave and 11-sun God wave. Every trader has a HIGHER POWER he can connect to for logic-reason-intuition.


Notice: There is risk of loss and more trading Stocks and Futures. Hypothetical testing has inherent limitations and may not be duplicated. No representation is made profits will occur. Stock and Commodity investing not suitable for everyone. Trade at your own risk.


Now You Can See How The Whole Puzzle Can Fit Together

1. FUTURE SHOCK WAVE uses Elliott Wave to define a wave.

2. FUTURE SHOCK WAVE uses Fibonacci to measure waves.

3. FUTURE SHOCK WAVE uses secret ratios from the HOLY BIBLE and         Sun-Moon-Earth ratios to predict the swing top or bottom of the end of time         and the size of waves confirmed with a natural wave of man.

4. FUTURE SHOCK WAVE most always uses a stop to define risk when         entering a trade.

Wave Analogy

Perhaps you are confused by now, but think of a rock being dropped onto a surface of water. The highs and lows and time of the resulting waves can be determined by projecting from the size of the original wave. Price markets behave the same way. By computing the time and size of the beginning wave you can predict when and where the wave will end. This holds true for all freely traded price-Stock or Commodity or Real Estate.

With a little discipline following the rules, it is possible for YOU to trade with confidence  using FUTURE SHOCK WAVE to amass HUGE PROFITS.

The Ten Commandments

Communication has evolved from pictures in the Chinese language to symbols in the alphabet to digital transmission of pictures and words. I thought how can I digitize the rules in FUTURE SHOCK WAVE and predict probability. The number ten has a connection to human life with ten fingers. Why not select ten secret indicators giving them a value of 10% each and add them up either yes or no to predict probability of a signal. The performance has been outstanding predicting probability.

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Build a Lifetime Income Being

A Pro-Active Trader

Trading Waves and Cycles

Make Money Either Up Or Down

If you had an aptitude for 10th grade geometry and/or read sheet music you will excel with my methods as both have the same orientation. One of the advantages you'll enjoy most about trading with FUTURE SHOCK WAVE is how you can turn a small investment into large profits over and over again without getting whipsawed. Many Stock and Commodity systems fail in sideways markets because they use oscilators which work only when markets are trending. The problem with most of these systems is they don't signal a trend reversal until after it has happened. The computations are usually based only on the price and therefor react only after the price moves significantly in the opposite direction, which is always too much-too late. With FUTURE SHOCK WAVE you trade the swing tops and bottoms of waves before the trend starts using both time and price. Trust me, it's a confidence builder trading the swing tops and bottoms of waves based on my secret ratios and THE TEN COMMANDMENTS and have the trade immediately go in your favor. You will never look back again trying to catch the trend; you will know the trend before it happens. Much better than losing money on rich investment advisors which are wrong 70% of the time and are rich taking money from clients not making it in the markets or putting money in mutual funds which have no track record or wasting money on slow paying annuities which won't work in a crash or lose trading seasonals that never repeat or being taken trading high-risk options for desperate traders. Eighty percent of small speculators lose money because they obsessively compulsively guess at trading. If you are losing money trading stop trading now and learn and trade my methods for profits. Wouldn't it be wise to just spend $495 donation and make enough money the first trade to cover the cost and then make up all the money you've lost.


Testimonials: My commodity account just gets bigger and bigger the more I trade. Thanks again for your e-mail support and help. It's been very much appreciated. B. Thomas, Camden N.J.

I do wish to write you that your methods were right on with profits the first day, and I didn't expect it to be this easy. Much better than other methods. P. Kilgore, Spokane WA.


You Can Get Started Now

I have prepared a straight forward E-Mail Report for FUTURE SHOCK WAVE so that everyone can understand it. You will become confident from knowledge based on natural trading rules to make HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY; and there's no black box here, for everything is 100% MECHANICAL and fully disclosed in FUTURE SHOCK WAVE. Also FUTURE SHOCK WAVE is computer programmable if you so choose, but does not require a computer to do the calculations. An internet print out chart will work fine counting waves and drawing Fibonacci arcs using a compass and plastic see-through ruler to measure waves doing it by hand to get a feel of the method; then program the rules on Trade Station software after familiarity. I'm also programming Harmonic Third cycle algorhythm on TD Ameritrades "Think or Swim" and if you have an account you can follow. The method does not require monitoring the price during the day, but only on entering a trade on the close at the beginning of a wave and uses a limit order to automatically exit the market for a profit or continue for unlimited profits using Harmonic Third Reversal System and uses a protective sell stop. With these secrets is your chance to be a successful Hedge Fund trader. You are your own best investment advisor. Everybody can trade successfully. 

Day Trading Methods Bonus

Day Trading has obvious advantages some traders swear by; cheaper margins and no overnight positions with the trade off being smaller profit per trade. If this appeals to you, FUTURE SHOCK WAVE is your system with it's application to 15 minute and hourly bars with profits coming fast.

Free Secret Black Jack System

The secret ratios on my price systems are also valid on most any other number systems. I would like to send you a secret Las Vegas Black Jack betting system with response to my e-mail and call me.

Real Time Performance Trading

Trading FUTURE SHOCK WAVE on Dow Jones Stocks 92% was made in 60 trades and I will be happy to send you my latest cumulative percentage profit and loss chart by adding every trades percentage gain or loss which proves the system works real time. I will be happy to meet you at a McDonalds here in Austin and show you my brokerage statement on my Dell laptop. There has been some question am I all talk or do I trade. I have a $50,000 account with TD Ameritrade which I set a goal to double every year. If your situation is don't have enough money for a brokerage account there is no minimem. Let's not forget Gann paper traded studying the pyramids for years before making his millions. It's not how much money you have; it's how much knowledge you have to make money. My methods will make you a good trader like they have made me a good trader.

An Unbelieveable Offer

For a limited time only, I'm offering FUTURE SHOCK WAVE DOW STOCK AND COMMODITY TRADING SYSTEM for $495.00 donation U.S. Funds when you join TRADING SOCIETY. Preferably Walmart which is reasonable and Money Gram and Western Union available for payment e-mailing completed Order Form. But consider this: You will recover the cost of FUTURE SHOCK WAVE In the first 90 days of trading or you receive a complete refund. I guarantee this and will back this guarantee fully. Guarantee void if against regulations.


I am so confident you will have an 80% chance of making money with my systems the first trade that if you have a brokerage or commodity account of at least $25,000, the same as me, and will make a deal taking my signals I will e-mail you FUTURE SHOCK WAVE for free if you sign the order form and return with a copy of your account statement with account number deleted. If you don't have a brokerage or commodity account and don't have $495 donation to become a member of Trading Society, but really want to become a winning trader, write me an e-mail letter and contribute 50 hours of community volunteer work.


Simply click the other box link that says ORDER FORM at the top right of this page and you will get a ORDER FORM to print out then fill out and send in with payment of $495 donation U.S. Funds. Preferably Walmart which is easy and reasonable or MoneyGram available for payment e-mailing completed order form. It's that simple to be on the way to realize your financial goals. Do it now or read on because:

I'm Offering More Secrets

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Incorporating Logic Based in Mathematical Relativity of Highs, Lows, and Closes From Less Than 10 Days of Price Action

Earlier I mentioned I have been a student of Price Behavior for over 35 years. During those early years I wanted a 100% mechanical rule based system that was totally objective, a Holy Grail so to speak. I was not surprised to find out the same ratios that work on FUTURE SHOCK WAVE  work on HARMONIC THIRD cycles too. I worked hard and refined a precise trading method which is as near perfect as you can get. You see, THE HARMONIC THIRD REVERSAL SYSTEM captures most all short term, intermediate and long term price movements, virtually guaranteeing profits when price changes levels. It looks inside the movement to determine the numerical harmonic cycles which create the movement. I am offering this method, a stand alone stock and commodity trading method by itself allowing any trader to make huge profits, FREE at no extra cost to you with purchase of FUTURE SHOCK WAVE. Now you will learn the theory behind HARMONIC THIRD REVERSAL SYSTEM and you can see for yourself...

1. The system is head and shoulders above other methods.

2. The return on margin is very respectable.

3. The draw down is the lowest beyond comparison.

Major Discovery of Harmonic Third Balance Point

The Harmonic Third Reversal System is never fitted and not optimizable, a dangerous procedure. The Logic is theoretically based in short term price action derived from dominate thirds founded on the human heartbeat pattern and a secret value which is less than ten which is the dominate cycle found in all price behavior. The Harmonic Third Reversal System mathematically dissects four cycles in a secret period. The cycles are one short term, two intermediate, and one long term relative to the secret period. Quantifying these short term price cycles gives us a key tool to understanding price movement, since all short term price cycles are the driving force in longer price movements. The cycles are ranked daily from lessor to greater degree. These cycles alternate cleverly their positions during tops and bottoms and provide the key to price action reversals. A combination of cycles correlated with daily price, signals both reversals on close and reversals on a intraday stop. A certain Harmonic Third of the cycles provides a Harmonic Balance Point that when price crosses this point signifies a reversal direction and is computed 15 minutes before the close every trading day. Stops are used most all the time after the culmination of a signal and provide a pure trend channel when connected.

Here's What This Means To You

In summary you will receive knowledge and have the ability to trade a 100% mechanical, objective, rule based system which:

1. Has been tested to yield winning trades three times greater than losing trades. My favorite is Comex Gold-request latest chart signals with outstanding profits made. Gold has had increase volitility increasing profits. Also trade Major Dow Markets DIA and DOG.

2. It's easy to trade on the close everyday and it is computer programmable on Trade Station and TD Ameritrade's "Think or Swim".

3. It's a bottomless GOLD MINE.

Act Now and Join Trading Society

Simply click the other box link that also says ORDER FORM at the top right and beginning of this page and you will get an order form to print out then fill out and send in with payment of $495 donation U.S. Funds. Preferably WalMart which is reasonable or MoneyGram available for payment with e-mailing completed Order Form. It's that simple to be on the way to financial independence. Do it now. My intent on this website was to explain to you my methods so you will understand what you are getting and judge them for yourself. You can trade on a beautiful beach or retire to Europe or buy a new vacation house with your profits or all of these but what is more important is that my methods work for you. Price behavior is like a beautiful woman, she takes time to understand and share her secrets, but when you do it's ecstacy.


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J.  Wright, Miami FL.


My Triple Performance Money Back Guarantee

I Guarantee you will make money trading FUTURE SHOCK WAVE and HARMONIC THIRD REVERSAL SYSTEM, and here's how I back my guarantee. Guarantee void if against regulations.

1. If you fail to recover the money invested in FUTURE SHOCK WAVE and HARMONIC THIRD REVERSAL SYSTEM in 90 trading days trading three mediums of DOW STOCKS or COMMODITIES you may send back the material and your trading records for a full refund of your purchase price.

2. If you fail to realize a 100% gain trading FUTURE SHOCK WAVE and HARMONIC THIRD REVERSAL SYSTEM after one year of trading, you may send back the material and you trading records for a full refund of your purchase price. 

3. If you submit testing and rules that actually improves the performance of FUTURE SHOCK WAVE and HARMONIC THIRD REVERSAL SYSTEM over a one year's time period, you will receive back 10% of the purchase price if you agree to share the changes with other system buyers. This is a win-win for everybody.

You can see by this 100% money back guarantee policy that I am serious about you making money trading with FUTURE SHOCK WAVE and HARMONIC THIRD REVERSAL SYSTEM. This guarantee is void if against regulations.


Simply click the other box link that also says ORDER FORM at the top right of the page and print out the ORDER FORM and complete and mail in with payment of $495 donation U. S. Funds. Prefer Walmart which is reasonable or MoneyGram and Western Union available for payment e-mailing PDF completed Order Form. Do it NOW.

One Final Note

I have tried to cover all the bases describing my systems. After 35 years of research I am proud of my methods. Learning a mechanical system and trading it is a rewarding experience. Perhaps you remember reading Richard Connell's story "The Most Dangerous Game" in English Literature. The story's rising action described a fascinating hunt more meaningful than the end of the story. Trading my methods are similar to the story as the hunt for profits are as meaningful as the end result. I invite you to join a small group of investors currently trading FUTURE SHOCK WAVE and HARMONIC THIRD REVERSAL SYSTEM. Your purchase gives you exclusive membership in the SHOCK WAVE TRADING SOCIETY. You will receive the package by e-mail right away. At your leisure follow the systems and practice by paper trading or start trading right away. You will be pleased when you see profits coming in and piling up. Remember 100% to 200% to 300% solid, secure returns are entirely realistic and which you won't come across with other methods. Now it's in your hands. Are you up to the opportunity. I think so because you are part of a select group that viewed this offer. Take a minute to fill out the order form and mail in with payment $495 donation U.S. funds. I look forward to helping you reach your goals soon. Thank You. Martin Palmer

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Notice: There is risk of loss and more trading Stocks and Futures. Hypothetical testing and real time trading has inherent limitations and may not be duplicated No representation is made profits will occur. Stock and Commodity investing not suitable for everyone. Do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation to buy or sell Stock or Commodity interests. 

Notice: Testimonials may not be true and may be fabricated.


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